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Pensacola Sound Chorus is affiliated with Sweet Adelines International, a 501 (c) (3) music education organization that educates its 30,000 members worldwide to sing four-part a cappella barbershop harmony. Its goal is to be a musical asset to the community, to provide professional entertainment, and to teach the unique American art form of barbershop style singing.

The chorus is part of the Atlantic Gulf Regio 9, which includes the state of Florida as well as the lower portion of Georgia and a small part of South Carolina.

The chorus rehearses every Tuesday evening at Heights Baptist Church, 600 Pickens Ave., Pensacola. Registration is at 6.15pm and rehearsals start at 6:30pm. Park your vehicle on the North side of the church.

To contact Pensacola Sound Chorus for further information regarding membership, performance bookings and upcoming performances:

Membership or Upcoming Performance questions: visitor@pensacolasoundchorus.com
Performance Bookings:  bookings@pensacolasoundchorus.com
Telephone: 1-888-611-SING


Guys, please don't feel left out! There is a men's barbershop chorus in the Pensacola area. The Fiesta Barbershop Chorus also rehearses on Tuesday evenings and always welcome visitors and prospective members.

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