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    2017 Most Improved Chorus
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    Pensacola Sound Chorus is proud and fortunate to have a registered quartet:  TOQ. Just 4 Fun 2010



Pensacola Sound Chorus, 2017 Region 9 Most Improved Chorus, is eager to entertain you. The chorus delivers Singing Telegrams for that special someone any time of the year; Christmas, birthday, Valentines, etc.  Pensacola Sound Chorus offers a quality music program with a variety of uptunes, swing tempos and sentimental ballads, appealing to all generations.

Since Pensacola Sound Chorus is an a cappella group, a place to stand is all that is required.  We can tailor the size of the performing group to meet space limitations. Whether it’s a private party or a public event, Pensacola Sound Chorus is available to meet any organization’s entertainment needs while staying within entertainment budgets.

Our Chapter Quartets TOQ is all available for bookings!

Contact us

Pensacola Sound Chorus
Heights Baptist Church
600 Pickens Avenue
Pensacola, FL 32503

Telephone: 1-888-611-SING

Chorus: [email protected]
Bookings:  [email protected]