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Completely Youthless

Pensacola, FL
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Completely Youthless came together as a quartet in June of 2013......two of us were old hands at barbershop singing and two of us were "newbies" (less than a year of barbershopping)! Three of us were retired and one still working part time. Last fall, our original bass singer needed to pursue other things.....a full time job, an active teenage daughter, a husband with crazy working hours,  and just felt the pressure of trying to keep it all together. We were sad to see her go for sure! So, what's next? Well, for starters we tried to find a new bass......Judy came with a great musical background and ability but felt bass was just TOO low for her....Plan B.....Karen switches from bari to bass and Judy starts as the new bari!

Leslie  (lead) hails from Colorado originally but has lived in Washington, Idaho, Ohio, and Arizona and has always found a place to sing. Sometimes in a serious classical chorale, sometimes in a fun mixed chorus. Singing barbershop is a fun challenge that she has enjoyed sharing with her quartet and the Sweet Adelines....."Bling" is part of the fun, too! Family brought her to the Florida panhandle and us.

Sherlyn (tenor) grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. During her working career, she was a teacher and a high school Guidance Counselor. Her husband's ministerial career moved her around the south and overseas at times. We are so very glad that Cantonment, FL is now her home.

Karen (bass) is originally from central NY (Finger Lakes area). She has been singing barbershop for 28 years now and was a former Presentation Judge in Harmony, Inc for 8 years. She is a retired hairdresser and Navy wife.  Family brought her to Pace, FL and now she is a Sweet Adeline and member of Pensacola Sound Chorus.

Judy (bari) has been in Cantonment, FL for about two years now. She has her own business as an Interior Designer, making custom curtains and slip covers. (She is awesome at this!) She is originally from Michigan. We are so glad Leslie found her for us!

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